Lenovo Smartphones, that previously used to come out of the box with the famous VIBE UI Android Skin, will now feature stock android, out of the box, starting the K8 Note.

This piece of information was provided in a press release from the officials. Below is what the pfficial press release states:

With an aim to provide an enhanced user experience on its mobile devices, Lenovo today announced that all forthcoming smartphones will feature stock Android Operating System (OS). The shift to stock Android marks Lenovo’s commitment to delight its customers with the latest and enhanced OS. The stock Android will result in a more refined, secure and stable environment while offering customers a familiar and easy to use interface on their Lenovo devices. The upcoming Lenovo K8 Note will be the first device to ship with stock Android 7.1.1.

Lenovo believes that with smartphones, customer experiences to have evolved over the years and today they prefer to have uninhibited control over their devices. The move to stock Android will give users a cleaner interface, smoother experience, and no excess bloat ware – everything that a user has come to expect from a premium device.

With Android 7.1.1., the consumers get the latest features such as multi-window, launch action, and improved bundled notifications. In addition, the OS will also allow users to access popular Google services, including Google Assistant.

These nifty features, when combined with best-in-class hardware on Lenovo smartphones, will translate into enhanced overall user experience. In addition, by moving to a common Software platform, Lenovo will b e now able to provide better support with efficient updates.

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