Stranger Things, a show that debuted last year has created a lot of hype with its much-awaited return this year with Stranger Things 2.

The 2017 installment of the show had 9 episodes (1 more than last year’s Original Stranger Things) and aired on Netflix On October 27, 2017.

The Storyline of the second season of the show is set in Hawkins in late 1984, one year after Will’s disappearance. This Season introduces more characters to the storyline. Bob, who plays as Mrs. Byers boyfriend and ends up dying towards the end of the season ;), Tomboy Max and her stepbrother Billy, Kali – who plays the role of Eleven’s sister – just to name a few.

Just for reference, here are the 9 episodes with their titles.

Stranger Things 2 | List Of Episodes:

  1. Chapter One: MadMax
  2. Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak
  3. Chapter Three: The Pollywog
  4. Chapter Four: Will the Wise
  5. Chapter Five: Dig Dug
  6. Chapter Six: The Spy
  7. Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister
  8. Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer
  9. Chapter Nine: The Gate

Season 2: Chapter One: MadMax

The First Episode of Season Two Opens with the introduction of another girl, who has superpowers like Eleven. Afterwards, we see the kids collecting money to play arcade games, which is supported by some humorous scenes with Dustin. Dustin discovers that someone with an Alias of “MadMax” has crashed his high score and becomes keen to know who that ‘someone’ is. This scene is followed by the first supernatural scene of Season Two linked to Will. Will goes outside the Arcade building and suddenly sees something like The Upside Down.

Stranger Things 2: Episode 1
Stranger Things 2: Episode 1

Afterwards, we see the first appearances of MadMax and her stepbrother, Billy. The scene of Mrs. Byers and Bob’s makeout follows, also showcasing Bob’s first appearance. The episode further shows Doctors from Hawkin analyzing Will’s first episode of the upside down. Towards the end of the first episode, Nancy and Steve go over to Barb’s house. Barb’s parents tell them that they are selling their house as they’ve hired a detective who is the best man to find Barb, Nancy realises how important it is now, to tell Barb’s parents about what happened to Barb. Afterwards, we see Mike trying to interact with Eleven through the Walky Talky and he calls this the 352nd consecutive day of doing the same.We see that Will has another episode of the storms. The episode ends showing that Eleven now stays with Hopper and how she seems to be civilised, with Hopper mentoring her.

Stranger Things 2: Episode 1 Picture 2
Stranger Things 2: Episode 1 Picture 2

This Season is all about bigger, badder scenes, awesome visual effects, and an improvised storyline. Throughout the series, Will faces certain episodes which add up to his “now memories”.  We see how El’s relation with Jim Hopper (the policeman) strengthens as Hopper helps Eleven live and hide with him for almost a year. We see how Will is treated ‘differently’ by most of his friends and family and wants to overcome the same. The episodes further traumatize the already-so-scared boy.

Yes, this season is more impacting than its predecessor and why the hell not? Isn’t it supposed to be like that? Lucas, Dustin and Max are involved in what I would like to call a ‘love triangle’.

The scary creature from The Upside Down, the Demogorgon enters Will’s body. Will hosts the parasite and towards the end of the last few episodes, we see efforts from Jonathan, Nancy, and Mrs. Byers to take the Demogorgon out of Will’s body.

In this season of Stranger Things, we see new relations between Nancy and Jonathan Byers as well. Towards the end of the season, everything becomes alright as Eleven closes The Gate.

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