Tesla Model 3 deliveries will be starting off this week. A few weeks ago, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk revealed the first production model of the car on his twitter handle, the beautiful black Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 will be a make or break for the company. With it being the most affordable model in Tesla’s list of cars, costing $35,000, Tesla fans are excited for the roll out of Tesla’s high volume, affordable electric vehicle.

Model 3’s range will make it a direct competitor to Chevrolet’s Bolt EV which is said to have a range of 238 miles (approx) from a single charge from its 60 kWh battery. However, Elon tweeted out making us believe that the Model 3 might well cross the Bolt’s Range.

What’s different about the Model 3 considering its family members – the Model S and Model X? Recharging a Model X or Model S has been free at superchargers but with the Model 3, drivers will have to pay a fee for charging past 400 kWh of energy from the superchargers, a fee that will be lower than the cost of gasoline. However, the charging fees still remains questioned.

Will the Model 3 be Keyless?

A Tesla Fan, claims to have seen the third production Model 3 recently. He also recorded a video which shows the Vice President of Engineering, Tesla, Doug Field getting into the car with a card/booklet and placing it onto the center console. The booklet might contain a RFID Card through which Tesla users might be able to unlock their car. Another picture shows off a different model with a booklet placed in the center console, similar to what’s seen in the video.

You can ha ve a look at the video below:

Here is a look at the other picture that has been circulating around:

A Booklet placed on the center console

Considering the mishaps that happened with the Model X, Tesla can’t let any blunder happen for its affordable EV. More than 30 cars will be handed over by Musk to its Owners on Friday. From there, Tesla will increase production exponentially until roughly 10,000 vehicles are produced per week in 2018.

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